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Ace Auto Doctor & Repair can replace most damaged or cracked plastic tanks with the customer providing replacement parts. Since machines can't use as much lead, or reinforce weak points, these are often better than new.

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Most repairs leave looking like new.

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Most repairs leave looking like new.

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At this point we gain access to the inside of the radiator tank and can pound out dents (as seen in the photo above), reinstall and repaint.

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Most radiators with dented tanks and filler necks (as seen in the top photo) can be repaired by removing the damaged tank by gas torch as seen in the photo above.

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Most aluminum cooler fins can be straightened, but if the aluminum tubes are dented the cooler cannot be made to look like new. Most often, repairs will work as efficiently as new. Some damaged fins may include bent or smashed tubes. In most cases with copper or brass cores the tubes are repairable a hundred percent and can even look as good as new.

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Folded over fins as seen above can be repaired by carefully straightening out and sometimes reinforcing the tubs and fins. Just one example of how some radiator repairs are better than new!

Radiator Repair | Ace Auto Doctor & Repair

All our bolt together radiator re-gasket jobs include new bolts and hardware (above photo).

We repair a large variety of radiators from small to medium truck bolt together radiators, even the very largest of radiators (see cover).

Pros & Cons to Recoring Your Radiator

The common misconception is that a new radiator is somehow superior to a recore. Nothing could be further from the truth. On copper/brass radiators often we can give you repositioned or extra rows for better than ever cooling. Reinforced plates, soldered in the corners, make the most vulnerable parts of your radiator stronger than new!

When installing a new core, we double up on the solder for all connections, in a way that just isn't possible with robotic, new construction. Of course, your core is custom built for maximum performance, but to match your existing tanks. This is particularly important when originality and fit are of utmost importance. Replacement radiators must manufacture in such a way as to allow multiple applications. Anything else would not be cost effective.

Of course, on larger radiators, such as mining and oversized construction equipment (even some large diesel trucks), a recore is superior to new and less money.

Ace offers replacement radiators at the area's most competitive prices. A replacement though would be of aluminum and plastic. These are not as easily repaired in the future. Even newer copper or brass tanks tend to be thinner, lighter and weaker than your original equipment.

We hope the following will be of assistance to you. Call or write with any questions or concerns. Let Ace know how we might earn your future business.

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